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Looking to place my kids to play some kind of sport was difficult for me, what if they don’t like .  But we decided to just give it a try .  So we signed them both for Challenger little league baseball.  We went to our very first game on Friday ( first for even my husband and me).  I was surprised of  how much they enjoyed the game.  The coach was amazing in understanding  of all the kids.  Everyone was given a chance to bat and pitch.  Hitting the ball and getting to first base , you could see how proud both my kids were.    I am glad we decided to give it a try.  I expected screaming and crying and all the good stuff that goes with it, but it went  a lot better then we thought.  Giving them a chance to experience things rather then asking them or assuming they may not like it, was a good decision. One thing  is for sure the impossible CAN be possible, sometimes.

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