We tried to put together a list of websites that may be useful to you at one place:


# Autism – PDD Network
# Autism Education Network’s mission is to improve public special education programs and to influence public policy that affects individuals with autism
# Training Manual compiled for Verbal Training Seminars
# Food Compositions (Especially useful for kids on GFCF Diet)
# 10 Things You Can Do To Support A Person w/Difficult Behaviors – An excellent article to give to teachers, paraprofessionals, and anyone who works with children with autism
# CD-ROM that helps children with autism learn to navigate social situations
# Resources for children with Autism

Cerebral Palsy.

* Introductory overview of Cerebral Palsy
* Treatment For Cerebral Palsy
* CP Network Firms
* Directory of 58 category of CP resources
* Resourceful link for children with Cerebal Palsy
* Everything Cerebal Palsy, from adaptive software for cerebral palsy to what is cerebral palsy.
Cerebral Palsy ABC
* Extensive information on Cerebral Palsy
* HOW CAN I HELP?Information for friends and relatives of a child with cerebral palsy.
* The different forms of Cerebral Palsy.
* Associated Conditions Of Cerebral Palsy
* Accessories And Equipments For CP
* Toys and Play Aids For CP

Sensory Integration.

* Sensory Integration International
* SPD Bay Area Resource Group
* Raising a Sensory Smart Child


* We Live With Epilepsy Blog Spot

Online Forums.

* MUMS National Parent-to-Parent Network
* Mgh Neurology Web Forum
* Special Child Forum
* Discussion Forum On Children With Developmental Disorders And Related Conditions

Support Groups And Organizations.

* Organization Of Special Need Families
* Directory for kids is a support directory for parents. Although, this site contains web pages to purely children web sites such as children’s games and activities, this site also contains web pages to topics such as child support and child abuse.
* Parents Helping Parents



These organizations provide airline flights for patients that need to travel for medical reasons. Also note: One parent reports that if you contact the airlines for medical issues they will let you have the cheapest rate for the airfare, meaning even though you are leaving tomorrow, they will give you the same discount as though you did a 30 day advance ticket.

Air Care Alliance

“The Air Care Alliance is a nationwide league of humanitarian flying organizations whose volunteer pilots are dedicated to community service. This site will introduce you to us and to all the groups we list whose volunteers perform public benefit flying for health care, patient transport, disaster relief, environmental support, and other missions of public service.” 800-296-1217

Air LifeLine

AirLifeLine is a national non-profit charitable organization of over 1,000 private pilots who fly ambulatory patients who cannot afford the cost of travel to medical facilities for diagnosis and treatment. Our pilots donate their time, aircraft and fuel to make this air transportation service totally free of charge for patients who qualify. Phone 800-446-1231 or 906-376-8200.

Angel Flight

Angel Flight is a non-profit organization of pilots and other volunteers dedicated to serving the community by arranging free private air transportation for medical patients who cannot afford to utilize normal, commercial transportation. Angel Flight also provides services to blood, organ and tissue banks. Angel Flight is a member of Air Care Alliance, a group of 37 organizations providing similar services throughout the United States. These groups are coordinated through a toll-free service (NPATH) that helps individuals in need find assistance in their area. 918-749-8992

Cancer Air Flights

Lists a number of organizations that assist cancer survivors and their caregivers with transportation to and from treatments.

Children’s Flight of Hope

Children’s Flight of Hope provides free, private air transportation to and from medical facilities for children in need. “With our organization-owned aircraft and crew of experienced volunteer pilots, we transport children and their families to and from hospitals throughout the eastern United States. We seek to ensure that children in our service area (North Carolina) are not denied access to medical treatment at distant facilities due to either financial need or a medical condition that precludes travel via ground or commercial aircraft.” You can find more information about their program at:

Corporate Angel Network

Free flights for cancer patients and their families. Private jets used by corporations that have empty seats, free flights. No financial requirements. One of many advantages is low risk of exposure to contagious illness because just a few people are on plane. 1-914 328 1313.

Delta AirSky Wish at United Way

Free flights, no financial requirements. Call 1-800-892-2757 ext. 285, Christina Walker.


This is a group which provides free airline travel for kids with serious illnesses. The flights can be for treatment or just for fun.

Lifeline Pilots

LifeLine Pilots is a private, non-profit organization that provides
people in medical and financial distress with access to free air transportation on small (4-6 seat), private aircraft for health care and other compelling human needs. 309-697-6865

Mercy Medical Airlift

(MMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving people in situations of compelling human need through the provision of charitable air transportation. MMA is totally supported through charitable giving and the services of volunteer pilots and office assistants.

Miracle Flights for Kids

Transporting children to medical treatment since 1985. (702) 261-0494

National Patient Air Travel HELPLINE

Provides information about all forms of charitable, long-distance medical air transportation and provides referrals to all appropriate sources of help available through the Angel Flight America Network. Call 1-800-296-1217. Once NPATH, now also known as

Northwest Airlines, Kid Cares program

The Northwest Airlines KidCares medical travel program provides air travel to children age 18 and younger who are unable to receive treatment in their home area. Those with financial need have priority. 1-612-726-4206.

TWA Operation Liftoff

“Providing special trips to children who are facing life threatening illness.” Free flights, no financial requirements. Call 314-298-1699.

(the following don’t seem to have web sites)

American Airlines, Advantage Miles for Kids in Need

Helps those in financial need. 1-817-963- 8118.

Continental Careforce

Has a contract with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for reduced or free airline tickets. Bob Jack at 1-281-261-6626.

Midwest Express Miracle Miles

One free flight, thereafter flights are discounted. No financial requirements. Call Natalie Fuerst at 1-414-570-3644.

Reach Family Institute


Wings of Freedom

407-857-0727 Last minute connections, commercial airlines.